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How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Every event is different, and some require more planning than others. Generally, 4-6 weeks for weddings
and 7 days for corporate, church and small private events is sufficient. However, some dates become
booked more quickly than others. It is best to contact us as soon as you know the date of the event even
if it’s only to hold the date.

When is my final guest  count due?

Although we always try our best to accommodate all requests, final counts are appreciated one week
prior to your event date. Should you need to make any additions, please do so no later than 10:00 AM
on the day prior to your event.

When is payment due and what types of payment are accepted?

For private events such as weddings, birthdays, etc., payment is due no later than the day of your event.
We accept cash, personal checks, credit cards, money orders and cashier’s checks. However, personal
checks will not be accepted fewer than 7 days prior to your scheduled event.

What service styles does TCP offer?

TCP Catering serves a wide range of events annually. Most buffet-style events include staffing to remain
on-site through the meal to maintain all service areas. Plated formal events warrant even more staffing,
service and attention. Hors d’oeuvres receptions are also available. Depending on the size and formality
of your event AND our availability, some events are best delivered, set-up and dropped off. We
encourage our clients to share their vision with us so that we may best serve you!


Will you have staff members at the buffet serving the food?

Years of experience and thousands of events have taught us that a buffet where guests are allowed to
serve themselves from both sides of the table will be served more quickly and efficiently than the same
buffet with staff on one side and guests on the other. Our menus, prices, staffing requirements and food
quantities provided are built around this service model. Additionally, we feel that guests are generally
more satisfied when allowed to choose what items and how much of these items they put on their plates.
We will provide a sufficient amount of food to feed your group based on your final count, which may be
increased as late at 10:00 AM on the day prior to the event. We always provide a slight cushion to
account for either a few additional unexpected guests or a really hungry crowd. We are happy to
structure your quote based on your event’s needs, but keep in mind any deviation from this structure can
impact your price to one degree or another.

What do you do with leftovers?

Nobody likes waste, and we aim to always have plenty of food to feed your group without having tons of
leftovers. Sometimes, that’s simply unavoidable when fewer guests attend than expected. Should we
serve fewer guests than your anticipated count, we will package food to leave behind to make up the
difference. Keep in mind that we do provide a slight cushion as mentioned above. Should we serve
additional guests than guaranteed, we will collect the additional funds due for the overage.

Do you offer tastings?

Tastings for weddings are complimentary and include items from our Signature Menu. We schedule
tastings any day of the week that we are available. Tastings are available at both our Central Texas and
North Texas locations. See our maps on the “Contact” page. Please inquire if you are also interested in
Premium Menu selections. We recommend the bride and groom and anyone else involved in the
handling of contracts and payments be present. If you are interested in scheduling a tasting for any
event other than a wedding, please call the location nearest your event to discuss.